Tuesday, February 10, 2009


In essence, a scam is a fake opportunity where people are conned to pay for a good or service that doesn't deliver on its promise. More often than not these scams will fill the buyer with visions of untold riches, thus emotionally manipulating them to part with their well earned cash.

By this admission, it is plain to see that WA is no scam, where the member gets out what they put in. It is an education, where one receives the best resources and help available on the internet to become that $1,000 a day super affiliate, an income that many affiliates all over the world are secretly making. All the tools are there to succeed.

For instance colleges offer you all the facilities, classes, tutorials and lecturers to help you get that degree which in turn will allow you to get to a lucrative job. But if you don't bother going to college, learning the techniques and skills, and thereafter applying them, does that make the college and its education system a scam? Of course not.

At WA you are given access to all the tools and programs that made its founders, Kyle and Carson, millionaires. These include:

Rapid Writer: A program designed to generate multiple unique content articles in seconds, which you can submit to article directories like ezine.com and goarticles.com. This is a brilliant way to get noticed by the search engines and so get that coveted place on the first page of Google. Within these articles you can place your affiliate links and website URL to get relevant traffic to your splash page. If you don't have a website, that's ok as WA provides...

Site Rubix: An easy to use website builder, that will have a professional looking website up and running within minutes. Having a website is a good way to increase credibility with potential customers, and with many templates available to choose from, it is indeed a valuable tool. Furthermore WA provides free web hosting at no extra cost.

The WA Forum: One of the most under-rated aspects of the WA program is its forum, where members hang out to post about marketing techniques, hot products and general success. It is not uncommon to see on the forum threads like ''First $500 day'' or "I made my first sale". Many $1,000 a day affiliates are on this forum, and their posts are a source of golden tips and unparalleled inspiration. One such poster is Travis Sago, the creator of the bum article marketing method! In short, help can always be found for those that want it in the forum.

A new addition to WA is the recently released Niche Q, an application where members get all information and market research on a particular niche. Before this, the successful internet affiliate would have to do their own research delving through a magnitude of WebPages for hours on end to obtain sufficient information to launch their campaign. With Niche Q, this research has already been done, and waiting to be used.

The Learning Centre along with the 8 Week Action Plan are superb facilities for the Newbie Affiliate to learn the ropes of internet marketing. With video tutorials and articles to read and watch respectively, Kyle and Carson have reduced the learning curve tenfold, and when the course is done, those who have followed it will know the intrinsic workings of the affiliate world.

Soon after, you may have your first campaign going, and at the Research Centre, Kyle and Carson, yet again over-deliver with keyword phrase builders, a competition spy tool, the Click bank research tool, pay-per-click networks and much more besides. Having all these essentials in one place is a great saver of time, and as we all know time is money!

In conclusion, WA is the best place to learn about affiliate marketing on the internet in a relatively short space of time. Some have spent years trying to make money on the net without success, while at WA; members have reported earnings within a few days and then consistent high earnings within a year.

The choice is yours to join, but by now, you will have truly realised that WA is no scam. It's an ethical and friendly site that proudly stands head and shoulders above all other money making opportunities on the internet, and will so for many years to come.

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